3 Simple Steps To Anonymous STD Testing

To be in complete control of your sexual health you must know your STD status.

You can eliminate the hassle and embarrassment of conventional STD testing without compromising the quality of tests. You’ve access to the same FDA-approved, CLIA certified tests used by doctors and hospitals elsewhere.

After you register for the test, you can visit the test center without any prior appointment. You can do it on the same day, immediately after the registration.

Your test results are accessible to you alone and to no one else. We neither report anything to your insurance nor anything is reflected on your medical records.

You receive complete guidance and support in every step of the way, irrespective of your results.

1. Order a test

(a) Selecting a Test Package

This is one of the two very important steps before you can register for testing.

If you are testing for the first time, you should opt for the “10 Test Panel” with HIV RNA Early Detection test package. It’s way cheaper that way. However, that’s not the only reason.

If you are not sure of your STD status, there is a probability that either you’re not infected at all or you’re infected with any one or many of the common STDs. Eventually, you have to test for each one them. If you go for individual tests, you’ve to visit the lab that many times for blood or urine sample collection.

It is highly uneconomical that way in terms of time, conveyance cost, blood samples, and testing cost. The delay in getting treatment in case there is an infection can be life threatening.

If there is no chance of a potential HIV exposure, you can opt for the “10 Test Panel” package.

Individual tests are taken when you are retesting after testing positive once for a particular STD.  After you start treatment, you’ve to monitor your progress periodically. You don’t need a “Ten Test Panel” test then if you are not exposed to potential sources.

(b) Selecting a Test Lab near you

This is the second requirement for registration. You must select and opt for a test lab during registration.

To make your STD test anonymous, the labs are not allowed to deal with your personal details. They only deal with your registration number. This gives them the information of STD tests you’ve opted for, so physicians at the lab know what tests are to be carried out and they collect the required samples.

So, it’s mandatory that you choose a test center during registration.

Out of the 4500 test centers all around the US, you can choose the one nearest to your home or your present location. You can use your ZIP code to find all the test centers in that locality.

(c) Registration for STD test

During registration, there are two additional steps.

A. Filling up the patient information

This includes the first and last name, sex, and date of birth of the patient. You have to also give the email id that you want to use for all communication. Use your best email.

B. Payment information

This step includes your Credit Card details. You can pay during the registration or later. Later option allows you to visit the test lab and submit samples. You are not allowed to pay at the test labs. That may lead to loss of anonymity of your tests.

The test result will only be accessible to you after you make the payment online. That keeps your identity safe.

2. Visit the Test Center

After You register, you can log in to your online account with the details received in your email account.

You get access to your Lab Requisition form and your test code in your online account.
The address of the test center will be available in your account.
You can take your Lab Requisition Form or your test code to the test center.
And you can get tested. Sample collection usually takes 5 to 10 minutes.

3. Getting your Test Result

After the tests are complete (Usually 1 to 2 days)  your result will be available in your online account. Log in and you will find your result.

However, if you’ve chosen to pay later during registration, your test result will only be available after you complete your payment.

Testimonials and Ratings

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