Self STD Kits For Anonymous STD Testing

by admin on March 12, 2012

There is news for People who want to have self STD tests. It is difficult to ascertain as on today, if the news is good news or no news at all.

Doctors and techies in UK are in the verge of developing some small devices like microchips, similar to pregnancy testing kits that will tell someone quickly and privately if they have any sexually transmitted infections(STIs).

As per The Guardian:

Seven funders, including the Medical Research Council, have put £4m into developing the technology via a forum called the UK Clinical Research Collaboration.

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One of the main causes of widely spreading STD is the hesitation of people to undergo a test in a hospital or clinic. A positive test is not only traumatic; it is socially very embarrassing also. Everyone, who feels the need of undergoing an STD test, prefers it under the condition of anonymity or strict privacy. So, the availability of a “self STD Test kit”  will be a very welcome and much needed step.

The reported cases of STIs are growing and the number  reached a record 482,696 last year and the majority of them are young women under 25.

How to use this Self  STD Test Kit


Self STD test kit attached to mobilePeople, who need to undergo the test have to put urine or saliva on to a USB sized chip, which can then be plugged  into their phones or computers to receive a diagnosis. The result can be ascertained within minutes and can tell you which STI you have, if any. It can tell you if you have Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, herpes simplex or genital herpes. Then the program will direct you to the appropriate place for treatment.

These kits are aimed at tech savvy young guys and women as people of that age group are highly active sexually.  These kits are to be sold for as little as 50p or £1 each in vending machines in nightclubs, pharmacies and in supermarkets, as condoms are.

It is yet to be seen if this STI testing devices will have the desired impact in reducing the propagation of STD.

This Self STD Test kits are using nanotechnology and micro-fluidics.

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