The primary concern of the individual who needs an STD test is the social stigma attached with STIs. It demotivates many individuals and couples to go for a  timely STD teste. They keep on dropping the issue till it becomes too late. Many don’t even consider STD testing if it can’t be anonymous.

It’s quite natural. If you’re looking for anonymous STD testing labs or home STD test kits, then consider the following information carefully. You will get exactly what you’re looking for.

To get tested for STDs anonymously you have two options; either use aliases or use private STD testing. You can also use both so long as there is no health insurance involved. Let me clarify in details.

Use aliases for anonymous STD testing

In almost all states in America, the laboratories staff such as physicians, lab assistants, and related medical personnel are required to report positive cases of STD. It’s a mandatory responsibility for collection of data, so they can’t be held responsible. If you are planning for a free STD test or a test in government-controlled laboratories, you must understand this fact.

You can still protect your personal information; use fake names or aliases. How? Here’s the clue – Your positive identification is not a prerequisite for your STD test. So, use a fake name and address for you and your spouse. Second, after getting the results never harp about it even if you test negative.

Use private STD testing

The advantage of private STD testing is they don’t disclose the details of the patient to the government authorities. If they can’t keep the secret of the patient, they would lose customers, so it’s in their business interest to keep your personal details and test results anonymous. You can trust them with your personal

Another reason they are able to keep your secret is they don’t entertain medical insurance directly, so there is no official obligation for them to disclose the personal details of the patient. However, if you choose to get insurance claims in case of a negative STD test result, you can get an itemized receipt of your expenses for onward submission to your insurance agent.


If you test with us, we assure you of complete privacy.


First, you can order your test online. We have more than 4000 labs all over the country. It is certain that there is a lab near to your home. While registering online, use your zip code to check for labs nearest to your home.

Second, you can either opt for an STD lab test or order for a home STD test kit. We use FDA approved kits only. We provide you detailed instructions on how to collect the samples depending upon the type of test you opt for. Then you post the kit to us and you get your result.

In case you find a lab test convenient, you can visit the lab you opted for. These labs are used for many types of medical tests so no one knows the purpose of your visit. This is truly anonymous STD testing. There is no need to get undressed or getting your private parts examined. There is no pain and no embarrassment. You submit the sample and walk out of the lab.

You get your test results via email. You get a link to your password protected area on a protected server. No one but you can access your test results. However, you can get your results via telephone if you desire so.

There can’t be better anonymity than our anonymous STD testing. We are the best in private STD testing in America. Test with us!


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Not sure of your sexual health?

Read on, but this post is not for you.

Go contact your physician immediately. If for some reason,  you are not comfortable with the idea of contacting him/her and want to conduct an anonymous STD testing, then you should go to a reliable testing agency.

Not sure where to go?

Well, click here. When the page opens you will find a chat window. You can ask any question, clarify any doubt without revealing your identity. Is that OK?

If you are satisfied, then check for a lab near to your home, register online, go there and give the samples, get your result online. The advantage is, if you are diagnosed positive for any of the STDs, you can get counseling and treatment, anonymously.


“Your Identity will never be disclosed to anybody!”


One more important thing to remember – get tested for all the STDs. Sooner or later, you have to test for each one of them. It will not only cost you a fortune but also you will lose a lot of time. Remember, in the game of STDs, TIME is your only advantage.

But, this article is not written for you. This is specifically for people who are sure that they are not infected with STDs, so they don’t need a test.

People generally fall for this pseudo-confidence because most cases of STI don’t show active STD symptoms.

Say, I never had unprotected sex, I never had any STD symptoms, and I never felt anything unusual after having sex. Then, why should I bother about an STD test?

Case One:

I never had sex.

Case Two:

I had sex, but only with my spouse.

Case Three:

I had sex, but only with somebody who doesn’t have any history of STD.

Case Five:

I had sex but protected.

Case Six:

I had sex, unprotected, but I don’t have any STD symptoms.

Case Seven:

I had sex, unprotected, but 2 years passed since and I don’t have any STD symptoms.

You can see no chances of an STD infection, but you can’t be more wrong. Though these conditions don’t insist that you have an infection, none of these cases rule out a possible STI.

Why? Because one can be infected by STD by an infected needle prick or blood transfusion. You can be infected if blood, serum or saliva of an infected person comes in contact with your mucous membrane. That’s cruel but true. Now think it over, can you be sure that you may not be infected? If you are sure, well, you don’t need any STD testing.

The only thing which can rule out an STI is a complete STD testing. There are almost 25 stains of STD. When I say a complete test it includes the tests which are currently active in the society. They are — HIV testing, Chlamydia testing, Gonorrhea testing, Syphilis testing, Oral Herpes Testing, Genital Herpes testing, Hepatitis B testing, and Hepatitis C testing.

When somebody tests positive, his/her only advantage is TIME. If you are detected in time, a recovery is smooth in most of the cases. On the other hand, if there is a lot of damage before you go for a test, then it is probably too late. Almost all of the STDs are either manageable or curable, but if you are detected in time.

Lastly, to anybody who thinks s/he isn’t infected, think again. Your only advantage is “TIME.” Consider an “Anonymous STD Testing”  seriously, go for a complete test package, and do it NOW!

“If  you are searching for ‘CLARITY’  in

‘Anonymous STD Testing’ you are on the right page.”


The difference between success and failure in any endeavor depends on your clarity before you can move even an inch. If it is success you are seeking in your anonymous STD testing, it is clarity you need. You couldn’t act so far is the indication that it is clarity you are seeking before you can act decisively and responsibly.

Clarity is a choice and it doesn’t come to you by itself. You have to go and get it because it just doesn’t happen by accident. So, congrats for taking action and finding this page.

When you plan for an anonymous STD testing, it is better to go for private STD testing.

There are agencies which provide free STD testing, but free clinics require proof of identification and they report your results to the Federal Government. So, beware of sites and services that claim full anonymity of testing. As you know, every good thing comes with a price tag. You have to spend some money, but you have better control over things.

When people search for home std test kits online, they only want one thing; complete privacy in STD testing. Not many people think beyond that. If you order the wrong kit or test, you lose time and money both. The frustration and the extra work come as a negative bonus.

If anonymous STD testing is your prime concern, don’t miss a thing in this page. If you read through this page you will get complete clarity on how to go about this whole thing.

Anonymous STD testing is a process of  5 steps.

Take care of these 5 steps and you will not regret later.

  • Select the FDA approved and authentic vendor
  • Get the test done
  • If tested “Positive” get the best medical advice anonymously
  • Undergo the treatment and keep monitoring your progress by periodical tests
  • Adjust your personal life such that you don’t contact STD again after treatment

There may be additional tit-bits, but these are the five things you have to take care of.  If you don’t start with a plan, your STD test will be meaningless. So, it is important that you start with a vendor who can help you all these five steps. Big online vendors like can also provide you authentic, FDA approved kits, but you need an agency who provides you with all these services at one place, anonymously. Even your insurance agencies should not get this data.


Anonymous STD testing is of three types.




Disposable type Home Test Kits: The instant STD Test Kits

These kits are popularly known as “Rapid STD Test kits” also. If you want same day std testing, this is the kit you must opt for.

After you receive the kit you have to read the instructions carefully. Keep the kit in the desired temperature for few hours. Then add the urine or saliva or genital swab sample and the test solutions. Check the color band to ensure positive or negative test results. These tests are as accurate as the other types of tests.

This kit is like ordering pizza, you get pizza delivered at home, eat it and throw the leftovers. With this kit, you get all that you need. You open the kit, collect the samples, add the reagent, get the results and then dispose of the leftovers. You don’t get any medical advice after that.

Take extra care to buy it from the original vendors or from very reputed sites. Check for FDA approved kits.  There is more chance of being scammed with these types of kits, as you may sometimes receive sub-standard kits. If you can’t do the research yourself, click on the following link.


Click here for more information on Instant STD Test Kits


Now the other types of  Home STD Testing


To undergo this type of anonymous STD test you have to visit the vendor’s site and register for the test. You can opt for a lab test in your locality or ask for a home STD test kit. Both options are good but the lab tests are generally cheaper.



Local STD Testing or Lab Testing

If you have no objection to visiting a lab in your locality, you can opt for this type of testing. While registering online, you will be given a registration number. When you visit the lab for the test(s), there will be no mention of your personal details. As many other types of tests are carried out in the same lab, nobody will ever know that you are there for an STD test. You have to collect and give the required samples and the results will be available to you online in an encrypted secured page. You will receive the URL of the page in your email. Your personal details will not be shared with anybody.


Home STD Test Kits

If you don’t feel very comfortable in visiting a lab, you can opt for kits of the respective tests. You have to register online and you will receive the kits by post. All you have to do is to collect the samples as per their instruction in the kit and send it back to them. The test results will available to you online as in the case of the lab tests.

The only disadvantage of this type of home STD test is, it is more expensive than the lab tests.


Where to get STD testing Kit or local STD  testing Registration?


The Internet is a good place for information, but very quickly you get sick with information-overload. You get confused very soon. The other bad news is, there is a lot of scamming going on online now. If you are not very internet savvy, if you don’t know how to separate the wheat from the chaff most likely you will fall for them.

If you are not confident of finding the best STD testing site, then follow my lead. I have done some research on the std testing sites and found the best site.


Why is this site among the best STD testing sites?

1.   This site has the best “5 Layers of Anonymity.”

  • Anonymous At the Lab: Your forms use a privacy ID code, which protects your ID from lab staff.
  • Anonymous Payment: You can use our pay with cash option, a gift card, or prepaid credit card.
  • Anonymous Phone Consultations: We don’t track or record our phone consultations.
  • Anonymous / Discreet Billing: Your bill shows up as a separate, independent company.
  • General Lab: We test all kinds of conditions, so no one knows you’re getting tested for STDs.

2.    They have an  “Alexa” rank of ~ Global – 241,170, USA – 119,551
3.    They show up on top of  Google
4.    Their videos show up on top of  Youtube
5.    They are connected to at least 2004 authority sites
6.    They have very good prices for STD testing
7.    They can help you in all the 5 steps of complete STD solution
8.    They have 4000 labs facility all over the USA
9.    They have Home STD test kits facility also
10.  They don’t scam people

How to register with them?

They follow a simple 5 step process


Anonymous STD Testing Steps

To register for a complete anonymous std testing, click the link below. Then, follow these simple steps…

  • Find a lab in your area by using your Zip code
  • Select the type of test you want to undergo, then register
  • Undergo the STD  test
  • In case you ordered a home STD test kit, collect and dispatch the sample
  • Get the results online or over phone, as per your choice
  • If tested “Positive” undergo the treatment, monitoring and counseling


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