Many people do not mind to put a lot of effort and time to get a “FREE Home STD Test Kit.” It takes a lot of time to find out the source online, to register a personal account, to book a kit, to receive the kit by post, collect the test sample, to post it back to the test lab, and to get the test result. At the end, most of them find the experience frustrating.

Is the experience same for all?

Certainly not! If the test result is negative, then well yes, you sure save some money. On the other hand, if the test is positive for any STD one has to get counseling and treatment from the same test lab. In this case, the treatment is not free; it’s all a paid service. It is also very unlikely that the test lab, where you send your sample is near to your home, so, when you need treatment for any of the STDs you have to either drive a very long distance or to seek treatment elsewhere. If you are to get treated in a different clinic for any of the STDs, then in most probability you have to undergo another STD test with them. In this case, you can save no money but you lose time.

Where do you get free Home STD testing kits free?

Before we go any further, I want to give the details of the sites that provide a free kit. I urge you to go through the following details very carefully because these test kits are neither free for all nor do they have a testing facility for all types of STD. In all sense, they have very limited service open only to a very limited age group in the first site and to limited people, inhabitants, of specific states, in the other site.

A site called

This site is sponsored by National Health Service. As chlamydia is the most common STD, they provide testing only for chlamydia. If you’re between 16 and 24 years of age and testing is free in your area, then it can get a free test. At present this is a very limited service available only to a few. If you want to get tested for only chlamydia, then you can try out this site for a free chlamydia test. To stay safe, you are supposed to get annual chlamydia tests or whenever you change sexual partners. It’s not clear if they provide free regular tests or it’s a one-time test only.

The next site which provides free testing is IWTK which stands for I Want The Kit.

These kits are sponsored by Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and there’re certain restrictions on who can get these tests for free. What type of kit do they provide? They provided testing only for 3 sexually transmitted infections i.e. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and Trichomoniasis. These 3 are considered to be the most common form of STD, so the restriction. Another reason for the limited service is that even if we get the kit for free, somebody has to pay for it. As their funding is limited at present, they are not able to provide testing for all types of STD as on date.

free home std testing kit

 They supply two types of kits. An STD test kit for men and another for women. These kits have only one difference. The first one comes with a sterilized cotton swab for collecting penile specimen and the second for collecting a vaginal sample. If you opt for a rectal swab you have to do it specifically in both the cases.

Is the kit free for all?


They provide free tests to residents of Maryland, Washington DC, and Alaska only. If you do not stay in any of the states you better forget the free test. You can only order a kit for yourself. You can’t order a test kit for your sex partner(s). They have to create their own account to get their own test kit. If you aren’t aware of STD testing, then you should know that you need periodic testing, one year in case of Chlamydia or six months in case of HIV. I’m not sure if they provide as many test kits. You have to check that with them.

Is the treatment free?


If you test positive it is your responsibility to contact the clinic. If you selected a clinic in Washington DC during registering with them you have to contact them for further treatment. You have to pay a fee to receive antibiotics for your treatment. Is your identity safe with them? Maybe, maybe not. They need a yellow colored contact form with the kit. You must send the form duly filled with your swabs otherwise your samples are not going to be attended. This form needs your personal details, so you don’t know what happens to your data after you provide it to them. Most probably, they have to explain the expenses to the agency that provides them for the free kits, so they have to disclose the personal details of people who used the kits. You have to do your own research for this.

Is it a hoax?


It’s genuine. If you stay in any of the 3 states, you get a free kit. There are people who need it to get the initial motivation to start the STD testing process. These kits are sponsored by Johns Hopkins University, so never doubt them. There’re constraints, but they are doing a good job.

What you gain or lose by opting for the free Home STD test kit?


  • You certainly get a genuine kit, and a free testing at a fine lab without moving an inch from your home.


  • You lose some time in this process.
  • If you test positive you can only a consultation at the same clinic/lab where your samples were sent. It may be far off from your place, so it’s impractical to attend to your treatment or post-testing counseling. In such a case you have to get a paid testing, but you again lose precious time in the process.
  • You can’t get tested for all types of STD.

If you aren’t authorized for a free home STD test kit, then what should you do?

Get private STD testing with a nominal cost. If you prefer to go for an STD lab test  near your locality, click the link to register.

If you think an “at home STD test kit” is right for you, then check our instant STD test kit  page or over the counter HIV test kits. Lastly, STD counseling before and after an STD test makes the whole process a lot easier, so check the relevant details before you decide on anything.