Home STD Test Kits: Reliable?


The Recent popularity of the “Home STD Test Kits” has opened up a new window for STD testing. The people who hesitated to go to a lab for their STD tests can have a complete  anonymous STD test  now from the comfort of their homes.

But, again these small kits aren’t free from criticism. It is difficult for some people to accept the fact that serious STD tests which are supposed to be done at well-equipped labs can be done at home. This group of skeptics not only include the common people but also some from the field of medicine.

In spite of the skepticism among a majority of doctors and professionals, there are experiments going on to develop Instant STD test kits  and to place them in vending machines around public places.


Most of the Home STD Test Kits in the market give an accuracy of 98 to 99.9%. These kits provide results as good as the instant home std test kitresults achieved by blood tests for antibodies.

There rapid home STD test kits available in the market are very accurate and FDA approved. They use different methods. Some use urine samples some oral swabs and some use swabs from genitals.

The second type of home STD test kit is one which you get by post. After collecting the samples, you have to post these kit/kits back and wait for some time to get the result. This method is very popular and used by most. These kits are very accurate and used extensively.

Make sure that the kit you buy is FDA approved. There are, as always, unscrupulous vendors who do not send you any kit or send you a fake one. To avoid such frustration it is wise to buy it directly from the vendor’s site.


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Is the test anonymous?

The main reason people opt for home STD testing is strict privacy. So privacy is the main business model for these test kit vendors. They offer 100% privacy in STD tests and the results will not appear on your insurance records. They do not sell your data and all communications are always discreet. When you opt for home STD testing you should stay assured that these are anonymous STD tests.

When you buy the kit, you are registered with the vendor. After you send the samples you have to wait for some time. The test results are available within 1-5 business days via an encrypted online portal or phone.  You get the URL of your encrypted test page via an email. You have to open your email, click the URL and get your result.

Home STD Testing Process: Simple and Painless

Many wonder how is it that you can collect the samples at home? Well,  They also use non-invasive, quick, accurate ways to test HIV-1 antibodies without using blood, needles, or lancets. Some people use these methods while some use the following method. It is a matter of personal preference which home STD testing kits you use.

You can opt for two types of test packages: Individual test package or complete STD test package. The complete package allows you to test for many  STDs  in one single session.