Home STD test kits, though not very new in the market, have started to gain popularity among the young.  It seems heartening that at last the sexually active generation has taken a fascination in some sort of testing method. If the popularity grows at the same rate then it may help to control the rapid growth of  STDs.

Perhaps, no other diseases are increasing at such a rapid rate throughout the world as STDs.  In America, Chlamydia infections alone have increased at least by over forty percent during the last few years. Britain has similar figures and so as many other developed countries.  After 1984, when the recording of STD cases started, this killer disease has grown manifold. Chlamydia infections mostly go unnoticed as it shows no symptoms, so the actual number of cases is most likely much higher than the reported figures.

The statistics of STIs show women are more prone to get infected than men.  Last year alone recorded 482,696 cases and the majority of them are young women under 25. Men also fall victim to this deadly infection but their numbers are considerably lower in comparison to that of women. This discrepancy in male to female ratio might have come from testing patterns in our society.

During “Smear Tests” or “Pregnancy tests,” women are often screened for STDs.   In case of any infection, they get treated invariably. But in case of men, if they don’t take initiative for the STD tests, they can go on with an infection for decades.

Young men and women after puberty are sexually very active. The young are reckless by nature and they hardly take any care in choosing sexual partners. In spite of the new found freedom in sex, our society is orthodox enough to snub diseases caused by sexual contact. As a result, many people who think they might be infected with some sort of  STDs, hesitate to consult doctors or to undergo STD testing simply due to the social stigma of having contracted STD. The irony is that they are fully aware of the fact that if any STD can seriously damage your health in the long term and can even cause death if left untreated.

Advantage of  Home STD Test Kits

The main advantage of  home STD test kits  is that the test can be completely anonymous. The method of registration for instant home std test kitthe tests, either with home STD kits or lab tests is such that you can be assured of complete privacy. You register for the tests online either for a lab test or for a test kit. Then either you visit a lab for submitting the sample or you receive a test kit as per your option. You have to post back a urine/saliva swab/vaginal swab or all of these samples. You have to wait for a few a days to get the results sent to you or online.

When you visit the lab you are not asked about your personal details. All they check is your registration details, so nobody knows about you. As you are one among many who visit the same lab for different types of tests, no one knows about the tests you are undergoing. These are complete anonymous STD tests and you should not worry about that.

Even if you are not sure of the state of your infection, it is wise to undergo STD tests to ensure peace of mind. These are killer diseases and you have better chances if detected in the early stage.