“If you want same-day STD testing at home

then this Instant Home STD Test kit is for you.”


This kit contains everything you will ever need to get your STD test  result at home in 15 to 30 minutes. If you want same day std testing, this is the kit for you.

These “Rapid STD Test Kits” or “Instant STD Test Kits” has very good accuracy. As per the manufacturer’s claim, even the HIV kits give an accuracy of 99.7%  to 99.8%. This accuracy rate is well compared to the lab tests.

Types of Rapid Home STD Test Kits.

These kits cover testing for almost all types of STDs.

You  can even find similar test kits for other diseases

If  HIV is allowed to go untreated for a longer time, it develops a state where the immunity of the patient goes down day by day. AIDS doesn’t happen overnight, it’s slow and gradual process. The beginning of the process is marked by the feeling of weakness, fever and slow fever in night and night perspiration on the bed.

Another pathological condition can indicate the onset of this stage. A patient at this stage can develop other killer diseases such as Cancer and Tuberculosis. You can use the following test kits for specific tests.

Contents Of the Kit

Every STD test has its unique requirements, so, the contents of each kit is different. In general, you will find the following things in a kit. These are likely to vary from kit to kit.

  •     Instructions on how to carry out the test
  •     Test cassette
  •     Pipette
  •     Bottle of buffer solution
  •     Reagent A or  B or C
  •     Test tube
  •     Sterile swabs


  •     Carefully read and follow the instructions.
  •     Use supplied materials only.
  •     Wash the hands thoroughly to avoid contamination of the specimen. Contamination may cause an erroneous result.
  •     This kit is for in vitro use only. Do not swallow.
  •     Discard after first use. The test can only be used once.
  •     Do not use a test kit beyond the expiration date.
  •     Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well sealed.
  •     Keep out of children’s reach.

Limitations of HIV Tests

  • This is a qualitative test. This can not be used to determine the concentration or quantitative aspect of  HIV.
  • A negative test does not rule out  HIV infection, because the antibodies may not be present in sufficient quantity at early stages of infection.



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How to read the test  results

STD Test Results


See a video showing how to carry out an Instant HIV test. The result is “Positive”




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