1. Should I get tested for STDs?

It is estimated that 1 in every 4 individuals in America is infected with some form of STDs. Chlamydia is wide spread and manifests almost no symptoms. To ascertain that you are free from STDs, you must undergo STD testing.

2. Which STD tests I should undergo first?

If you are getting tested for STDs for the first time, you must go for complete STD tests. Sooner or later you need to be sure that you aren’t infected with any of these. The complete test package costs less than the price of all the tests put together individually.

3. Why should I go for a complete STD test package?

There are 25 stains of STD prevalent. There is a higher possibility that you may be infected with more than one STD. As the tests are type specific, you need to get tested for the specific STD stain to be sure that you are free from it.

4. Can I get tested for STDs for free?

Yes, there are agencies which extend free STD testing. The disadvantage with these tests is that, it can’t be anonymous, as they have to report the results to certain government agencies.

5. Why do you recommend paid STD testing once I can get tested for free?

Every free service has its disadvantages and paid service its advantage. It’s simple to understand. You need to be sure that either you test positive or negative. The test should be quick, trustworthy, and convenient. However, you can choose the free testing and find out for yourself.

6. What if I get tested later?

Though most STDs are curable with antibiotic treatment, a cure solely depends upon the state of the disease. A late detection may be useless as the disease becomes incurable after a certain stage. As your only advantage is an early detection, you must get tested as quickly as possible.

7. Can I get tested on the same day?

Yes. When your register with us we immediately send you the details, to your email id. You have to only walk into the lab to get the samples collected.

8. How quickly can I get my results?

You will get your test results within 1 to 5 days depending upon the no. and type of tests you undergo. The moment your result(s) is/are ready, you’ll receive a notification email from Pinpoint MD. You will be getting the link to the password protected area to view your results.

9. How do I understand the results?

You’ll be instructed how to view your STD testing results online. Results aren’t included in the email; you must log in to a password-protect portal to view them. Your results fall into the following categories.

Positive or reactive: The test detected the infection within your body.
Negative or non-reactive: The test did not detect the infection within your body.
Equivocal or indeterminate: The test could not make a positive or negative result. Retesting is recommended for these results.
Reflex test: A second test performed on the original sample used to confirm the first STD test.

10. Can I talk to a doctor about my tests if needed?

Yes. Doctor’s consultation is included with your purchase. You have no need to pay any additional fees for that. You call our  STD counselors  to set up an appointment.

11. I see my result listed as “RPR.” What’s that?

RPR is the syphilis test result. It’s an acronym for rapid plasma reagin, which is the most common type of syphilis test.

12. I am suffering from frequent cold sores. Do I need a test?

Yes, you must get tested for HSV1 and HSV2.

13. Can your on-staff physicians prescribe for herpes?

Yes. Medication to treat herpes outbreaks is available. Our on-staff physicians can call in a prescription to the local pharmacy or pharmacy of your choice.

14. What if I’m tested positive for an STD?

STDs are treatable and manageable. Many are curable with the antibiotics. All infections are best treated when diagnosed early through STD testing. Our  physicians can prescribe antibiotics to cure STDs including Chlamydia, gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis.

15. How to understand herpes test results?

Herpes results are determined by a numerical value.
<.90 Anything less than .90 is negative. Even if there a number present, it’s still considered normal.
.91 to 1.1 This range is considered equivocal. Retesting is recommended.
1.1 > Results registering greater than 1.1 are positive.

16. What does Herpes false positive mean?

Herpes test results with an index range between 1.1 and 3.5 have a chance of being a false positive. A herpes confirmation test (also know as the herpes inhibition test) is available to rule out false positive results. You can inquire about the herpes inhibition test when required.

17. Is there a chance to get re-infected with the same STD again?

Yes. You can get re-infected again. That’s why we recommend that when you test positive, your partner must undergo STD testing. It is critical to avoid future re-infection.

18. Is there any need of abstaining from sex during treatment?

Yes. Be sure to abstain from sex for 10 days after taking antibiotics to allow the medication to work properly.

19. Is there any need of undergoing another STD test after treatment?

Yes. After completion of your treatment, it is critical that you go for a confirmation STD test. Only that can determine whether the infection has been cured.

20. I’m positive for HSV-1. What does that mean?

Those positive with HSV1 don’t need to abstain from sex or take any special precautions.  But, avoid oral sex during outbreaks.

21. Is HSV1 same as genital herpes?

No. HSV-1 is oral herpes. This virus causes cold sores. It’s very common. HSV2 cause genital herpes.

22. How private are your tests?

All labs offer more than STD testing, so no one in the waiting room will know why you are there. Your test results are stored  in a secure, password-protected portal; and billing is discreet.

23. Do you inform the insurance agencies?

No.  There are no ties to insurance or medical records.

24. Do you accept health insurance?

No. Due to the private nature of our business, we do not accept health insurance. However, if you want to go for it, you can receive an itemized receipt by request that you can submit to your insurance company.

25. Is there any special preparation needed before testing?

If you are testing for gonorrhea and/or Chlamydia, avoid urinating an hour before testing. Besides that, there’s no preparation required.

26. How accurate are these tests?

We use the same STD tests  that you would receive at a hospital. Our testing is as accurate as the most accurate tests available in the market.

27. I just placed my order. How soon can I test?

Today. Once you place your order, you will receive an email with testing instructions and your requisition form. Simply print the forms and test any time during  the lab’s operating hours.

28. I don’t have a printer, how can I get the requisition form?

Contact us and we will be happy to fax your requisition form to the lab for you.