STD testing for minors

How can a minor get an STD test in a lab? Is parental consent mandatory for a test in case the subject is a minor? Is such a test without the parental consent even legal?

So, what are the rules?

We live during a time when “Sexually Transmitted Infections” are very probable, even without our knowledge. Though sexual interaction is the most probable way one can be infected, but that is not the only way. To be sure of a clean STD status, there is no other way but to get tested. Presence or absence of STD symptoms can’t confirm anything.

What if somebody is below 18 years of age and needs an STD testing? Isn’t it embarrassing to ask parents to take them to an STD test lab? What would a teen choose if he has to choose between embarrassment and getting tested? Isn’t the choice obvious?

Isn’t the outcome catastrophic if a minor avoids an STD test, and subsequently, treatment for an infection?

And that would lead to spreading of STD like a wild-fire. Teens don’t have much inhibition when it comes to sex. They don’t mind if it is multiple partners or unprotected sex. When hormone strikes, nothing else matters! The good news is you can find the link near the bottom of this post that allows minor teens to get tested without looking for parental consent. They offer “Hospital grade STD testing” that includes all common STDs.

All tests are available individually, if he is not interested to opt for the all-inclusive 10 Test Panel package. All test centers are CLIA-certified and overseen by a qualified physician.

Why should minors be encouraged to get tested

Young men and women would prefer to go without much-needed healthcare incase, they feel, they have to be embarrassed in front of parents.

Many studies on behavior of high-school students confirm this. Guttmacher Institute has information that explicitly affirms this. It has to say the same thing about drug and alcohol abuse among teens as well as psychological or emotional problems. Such issues are almost always kept secret by minors from parents.

So, minors must be encouraged to test for possible STIs whenever they are exposed. We or the Law, should not make it difficult for them whenever they need STD testing.

HIPAA and how it protects minors seeking STD testing

HIPPA makes it easy for the minors.

As per “The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act” (HIPAA) every individual has the right to control who has access to his/her personal health information. That clears a minor from seeking parental confirmation legally.

Is this legal?

Yes, this is legal.

In all 50 states in the U.S. minors are allowed to get tested for STDs without parental confirmation. Only Iowa reports to parents in the event of a positive HIV diagnosis, no other states have such a rule. Other states don’t need to notify parents even if a minor has a positive result.

18 states give physicians the right to report if a minor is attempting to take an STD test, but no physician is legally bound to report it. No state makes it mandatory that parents be notified.

The Guttamacher Institute’s compilation of the state-by-state breakdown of the laws regarding minors rights to STI services.

For STD testing no minor needs to take parental consent for an STI check. At least, that’s not the legal requirement. Get the details for an STD Lab Testing.



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