what are antibodies Our body has a unique method to fight aggressor foreign micro-organisms when they enter our body.

When any virus, fungus, or bacterium enters our body and starts meddling with our system, our body triggers this mechanism. As a result, our body immune system creates antibodies specific to that foreign substance.

They are basically proteins but all antibodies are not the same.

Bacteria, fungi, or viruses contain character specific proteins called antigens. Antigens are also found on non-living micro-particles such as toxins, snake venoms, pollen, bacterial toxins, chemicals, drugs, and foreign particles. That marks them apart from each other.

After the antibodies are created, the second step is triggered by our defense system. Now there is a fight between the newly generated antibodies and the interfering antigens. This goes on till our body is clear of all antigens or the antigens completely overwhelm the antibodies. But, complete surrender of the antibodies is an ideal condition.

The antibodies remain present, even after the battle is won, to take care of such eventualities in future.

After our defense system completely clears our body from the attacking organism or particle, the antibodies still remain, perhaps as a precaution. So, if they are found inside somebody’s body fluid, he is infected by that disease or had an infection at some point in time.

The first exposure is always remembered by our defense system. That helps us in fighting the organism in the future easily.

If there is another infection by the same organism our body promptly reactivates the antibodies and takes control of itself.

Antibodies are our guarantee of prevention from a disease. They can be called the first line of defense against any attack by micro-organisms. They are our immunity system.

To find out these antibodies we have to conduct a blood test. When it becomes difficult to recognize or find out the organism, we can test for the specific antibodies and recognize the condition. A perversion of this system can also happen. That is called auto-immune disease.

Sometimes our body responds to its own tissue as though they are a foreign substance, so it creates antibodies against them. This is strange, but this happens for reasons not yet known to science.

That causes an unwanted triggering reaction and our body destroys healthy and normal cells inside our body.

We try to detect specific antibodies when going for STD testing  or HIV testing. Their presence is an indication that we had been exposed.